Anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was curious, do you RP on your DA account? Or just on here?

I’m starting to get off of this blog because of the lack of questions and RPs. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. Either leave or redesign this whole thing and cross my fingers. RPing use to only happen here and art on DA. However I’m starting to think maybe I should allow a little RPing on there. No one tags me so I don’t know who wants to RP or show me something so yeah. 

Either way, if you have questions concerning my DA account, ask there. I’m quicker to respond. I only check to see if I got a message here every few days. And even then I might not answer because I’m not sure how or I’m to stressed out by other matters to give a kind and in depth answer. Sorry for that. 

I need some help guys…

So my PSP’s screen has been broken for a year and a half and I kinda want to get it fixed so I can actually play my games and such. I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t really decide where to get a cheap but flawless replacement screen that won’t cost me $40-$50. It’s a PSP-3001 and when I first tried to replace the screen, it came broken. 

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on much, but I’ve been on Deviant Art doing things on there. I probably won’t be on much here and I don’t know how long I’ll be on Hiatus on here. I’ve just been busy is all. Well later, if you have any questions or what not, just ask and I’ll try to get to them. Hope you guys has a better holiday than I did and Happy New Year.

girlfriend application <3


  1. Name:
  2. Height:
  3. Age:
  4. Eye Color:
  5. Hair Color:
  6. Virgin?:
  7. Where are you from:
  8. Smoking?:
  9. Drinking?:
  10. Sexual Orientation:
  11. Job:
  12. Education Level:
  13. Favourite Sport:
  14. Favourite Colour:
  15. Siblings:
  16. Tattoos?:
  17. Piercings?:
  18. Religion:
  19. Why should I pick you:
  20. Why you’re applying?:
  21. Perfect date:
  22. What you do for fun:
  23. Favorite animal:
  24. Favorite music:
  25. Would we have sex:
  26. Favorite video games:


Anonymous asked:

"Howdy~" Marc smiled, emerald eyes sparkling. "M'name's Marcus." -marcusmctavert

"Hi. You sound like Munsy when she’s mad. She’s got that southern drawl in her voice too."

((Marceline be nice. They are trying to be polite.))


Anonymous asked:

Hey, I found a way to get a lot of followers and make your blog super popular! For some reason it will not let me put links in this message but here go to fоllowhype(.)com

Anon, this is Munsy answering this. I’m sorry honey, but I don’t remember asking to be super popular. All I asked was for my followers to talk to me and Marceline and that’s it. I don’t want to be super popular if that means I just have a bunch of people follow and not talk to us. I’m really sorry and I’m flattered that you think our blog should be popular….but that could also be a virus and I don’t want that either….

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